»Pianist Nejc Lavrenčič is considered one of the most prominent Slovenian performers in the genre of art song and chamber music. […] Both in terms of volume and quality, he shows important contributions to Slovene culture […] As a pianist and specialist, he enriches the Slovene cultural scene with excellent musicianship in the genre of art song and thus makes an important contribution to the development of the instrumentalist’s profession in Slovenia.«

Ministry of Culture of Slovenia Republic

“… a very strong personality; technically perfect, he plays with integrity and heart…”

C. Schreiber

“… he is undoubtedly an extremely disciplined reviewer of the piano part, with feeling for the formative outline of the song, a peace and tension of the inner lines.”

J. Dobovišek

“… technically sovereign and with sensibility, so that those Mahler’s more hidden melodic lines also came to the fore.”